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About our company

We are a producer of electrical jumper wires and products from the plastic. In our offer you can also find other products such as: cables, plugs, conectors, injection forms and connectors and caps. Our products are up to the mark directives of European Union and are marked a symbol of CE. What is more we have also required security certificates. In the care for the highest product quality of jumper wires with the plug and plastic products and the metal gallantry for the electrotechnology – we initiated and we apply the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

We prefer the long-lasting cooperation with a customer, therefore we approach to every order individually and we try to work out solutions which will be satisfying for our recipients. In order to meet the requirements of our clients, we are flexible when it comes to:

• the colour

• lengths

• processings vein

• the kind of the cable

Except jumper wires we manufacture also injection forms to the processing of plastics and blanking dies to metal. Furthermore, our company have also the distance of the brick clinker which facilitates the obtainment of the equal joint in horizontal and vertical positions.

Producing cables, plugs and injection forms to plastics we always use the top quality of our products. Our goal is the delivery of cables, plugs and cables which fulfil rigorous safety norms and we would like our products to serve our clients for many years. We offer You the high quality in the very competitive price! Heartily we invite to the perusal with our side and to the contact with workers of the company.